About us

The Holzpflasterwerk Böhrigen GmbH builds on decades of experience with the production and handling of wood blocks. We exclusively process wood from sustainable forests or lead to fresh cut wood by itself in regional forests (FSC or PEFC certified).


The applications of wood blocks are extremely versatile and allow for both representative and very functional use in living rooms, reception and meeting areas, shops, factories and many places more.


We advise you fully on your projects and find appropriate solutions to choose the right species, sizing of wood pavement, the proper bonding, the floor structure and the corresponding surface treatment (sealing, finishing).


Holzpflasterwerk Böhrigen GmbH
Karl-Wagner-Straße 2B
09661 Striegistal OT Böhrigen
phone:  +49 3 43 22 / 4 30 20
fax:  +49 3 43 22 / 4 47 99
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